Because of his representation, I have my freedom

If you’re looking for a defense attorney you can genuinely trust your freedom with, look no further! Throughout the duration of my case, Mr. Brickfield was knowledgeable, responsive, confident, comforting, always stayed on top of things, and truly stood up for me. He always gave a realistic perspective of what to expect (stemming from his years of experience as both a defense attorney AND a prosecutor), and in the end, his hard work got me a much more favorable sentence than what I could have ever hoped for! Throughout the process, he made sure that I was actively involved and informed in my own case. He was readily available and willing to answer questions, always treating me with the utmost respect and dignity. Because of his representation in my case, I have my freedom, and am now able to start my own business, instead of sitting in a cell.

Extremely Knowledgeable and Communicative

Mr. Paul Brickfield was an incredible attorney to have on my side through my entire ordeal. I had never needed an attorney in the past & had known very little about the legal system prior to working with Paul. He was extremely communicative about everything that would be happening, what I could expect during the process, and what outcome we could anticipate. He was extremely knowledgeable about the NJ legal system, having quite a diverse background and a great understanding of all legal facets. He made sure to apply his vast knowledge along with great research for my case beforehand. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer who is factual, dedicated, and an overall wonderful person!

Unwavering Dedication

I am writing to highly recommend Attorney Paul Brickfield, who has served as my legal counsel for over 15 years. Paul is undoubtedly one of the finest defense attorneys in New Jersey, and I believe he stands out as a dedicated professional in the legal field.

Having previously worked as a prosecutor, Paul brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the law to his practice. His commitment to upholding justice and ensuring fair representation is evident in every case he handles. In the unfortunate event that one requires a criminal defense attorney, I wholeheartedly endorse Paul as the ideal choice.

Paul’s expertise extends beyond his comprehensive knowledge of the law; he possesses a rare ability to strategize and advocate effectively, providing robust defense for his clients. His unwavering dedication to the legal profession and his clients’ well-being sets him apart as a reliable and trustworthy attorney.

In conclusion, I confidently recommend Attorney Paul Brickfield for any legal matters, especially in the realm of criminal defense. His professionalism, legal acumen, and commitment to justice make him an invaluable asset in navigating legal challenges.

Good people can make mistakes

Good people can make mistakes but after they take responsibility, learn from them and correct them. Those were the words Paul, in essence, told me. I think it was our first or second meeting. I was amazed during my time in jail. I expected bad ass guys kind of like on TV. What I found, was like Paul said, basically good people who made mistakes, poor decisions.

After I was arraigned I was given house arrest. Then Paul got the restrictions reduced and I was allowed to do a few essential things. I was on house arrest for 10 months. A few times it began to rub on me but Paul just asked would I rather use my own bed & bathroom or back in jail.

The felony charges were correct and I had confessed to them. I was facing 20 years in prison. He got them reduced at the plea hearing to a non custodial sentence; no jail or prison time.

A lot of folks here tell of Paul’s professionalism and knowledge of the law and as true as that is; the thing that impressed me most was how he cared, his compassion. He became my friend as much as my lawyer. He made it his business to know me and used every positive he could find to effect a positive outcome. At my sentencing the prosecutor even said in his remarks that Paul was an AMAZING LAWYER.

Throughout the entire ordeal, it was evident that Paul would always be there to help me. At the pre-sentencing interview the court clerk was amazed that Paul was there to help me through that process. There are some who do what they do for the money. It’s a job. I’m sure Paul like all of us has financial pressures but I could see that he really believes that good people sometimes make bad decisions. He made me think there was still some good in me. He has a quite confident demeanor and you can tell he likes what he does and takes a lot of pride in getting folks the best outcome and a chance for a better life.

So if you’ve made a mistake like I did; there is no better man to have on your side than Paul Brickfield. He blends his knowledge, his experience, and most of all his compassion to be an AMAZING LAWYER.

Paul is an outstanding lawyer who is very professional and thorough.

Paul is an outstanding lawyer who is very professional and thorough. I am very pleased with him and his staff the way they handle my case. I was in the worst possible situation in my life and was facing the worst possible outcome and thankfully Paul was able to help handle my case diligently. He was honest and straight to the point with me about my case and what I was facing and he manage to beat my case and I didn’t have to do any time. That was about 10 years ago and to this day if I needed anything he will be there to help me. I am so grateful for all his help and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a criminal defense attorney.

“the superior court judge issued a written order reversing the municipal court’s guilty decision”

Our son was arrested and charged with DUI in early December of 2015. We got a lawyer who helped us gather evidence (arrest report, breath analysis and patrol car dashcam video). The problem was, he didn’t present the evidence well. Six months later our son was found guilty in municipal court and faced seven months loss of license and many fines and other penalties. We decided to appeal the case due to discrepancies between the officer’s arrest report, testimony under oath, and his patrol car video of the apprehension. We brought our case to Paul Brickfield and his handling of the retrial was professional and detailed. He spent time with us to discuss and clarify all of the details and evidence. A careful study of the officer’s sworn testimony in municipal court was shown to be contradicted by his own dashcam video. Paul consulted with us and wrote an Appellate Brief based on sound legal arguments and highlighting the key facts based on the officer’s testimony and video. The superior court trial came a few days before Christmas 2016, more than one year after our son’s arrest. The day after the trial, the superior court judge issued a written order reversing the municipal court’s guilty decision as it was shown that the officer made an illegal stop. It was and unhappy Christmas in 2015, but a greatly relieved and celebratory one in 2016!

TRUST me and go to him if you need anything, he won’t let you down

My experience was beyond amazing. I always thought going through the court process and finding a lawyer would be the hardest challenge of my life. However, Paul Brickfield was by far the best lawyer I have ever met and would recommend to anyone. Paul was there to reassure that everything would be okay, he was realistic, honest and put in the time and hard work throughout my entire case(2 years) to get the outcome he said he would from the beginning. Paul Brickfield is phenomenal at what he does, TRUST me and go to him if you need anything, he won’t let you down!! Thank you PAUL BRICKFIELD for all the hard work you put in, you truly changed my life.

Top Criminal Defense

He was hired to defend us in a federal criminal case. It was a difficult case regarding controlled substances. Mr. Brickfield thoroughly researched the merits of our case, he rebutted the prosecutor’s arguments and challenged all questionable facts. He was very knowledgeable, credible, and honest about every aspect of our case and we feel the positive outcome had to do with his professionalism and knowledge of the law. We were very pleased with the service we received and highly recommend him.

An outstanding lawyer who I will always recommend to my family and friends.

He handled my case effectively. An outstanding lawyer who I will always recommend to my family and friends. He displays a lot of professionalism in his field , he breaks down the law in a way one should understand, he’s very very truthful. A good lawyer he is. He’s likeable as well.

The Best

Mr. Brickfield has been my family attorney for the past four years. I have never been more than satisfied with an attorney. Realizing how nervous a client I am, he gave me his cell phone number so I could call him whenever I felt I had the need. I never had an attorney return my phone calls as promptly as Mr. Brickfield. Mr. Brickfield has a great deal of heart and always speaks at a level I could understand. Mr. Brickfield even returns phone messages when he is on vacation. I will always be grateful to Mr. Brickfield.

I would highly recommend that if you are in need of a defense counsel, that you use Mr. Brickfield’s services!!

I hired Mr. Brickfield for a recent DUI charge, and was MORE than satisfied with the services he provided. Mr. Brickfield is extremely professional, and always there when you need to see/speak with him. This is the third time I have been represented by Mr. Brickfield, and each and every time, the results of the cases were either a dismissal, or he was able to get me a great plea bargain, as is the case with my last charges I mentioned above. I would highly recommend that if you are in need of a defense counsel, that you use Mr. Brickfield’s services!!

Throughout the entire process, Paul displayed professionalism and expertis

Paul Brickfield recently represented me in a serious felony case. Throughout the entire process, Paul displayed professionalism and expertise, always being well-prepared and having a deep understanding of the case. Additionally, he was prompt in handling my case, always available to answer my questions and providing regular updates. His responsiveness and effective communication skills made me feel secure and in good hands, leading to a positive outcome. Overall, Paul’s dedication and promptness made all the difference in my case, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of legal representation.

Great Criminal Defense Lawyer!

Paul is a great lawyer because he is smart, savvy and hard working. He has a deep network with other lawyers, prosecutors and judges. This is helpful since he knew the various players that we had to deal with. Paul was extremely well prepared for all meetings, whether it is negotiations or court appearances. Most importantly, he makes sure that you are well prepared. I think it’s easy for Paul to always be prepared because he has such a depth and breadth of experience. In court appearances, Paul paid special attention to details and nuances and reacted appropriately. This comes from his years of experience and wisdom. You can’t get this from a textbook! Overall, Paul has great communication skills and helped set expectations. He made a great effort to keep my family apprised on status of cases and next steps.

Very good attorney.

Paul stayed with my case for 9 years when it finally concluded. He never failed to advise me of any matter at any time. He also showed concern for my family, with two children. As a single father. I am on the way back up in my life because of his expertise, and for that I am grateful. Highly recommended.

Mr. Brickfield is the BEST coach for the legal marathon.

We hired Paul Brickfield several years ago and he said, “be prepared for a marathon”…and he was right…and he was a great coach. When we first met, he did not know anything about my family, colleagues, friends, neighbors, or supporters; however, he took the time to find out everything about us to better prepare the defense. It takes a special individual to stay the course, offer knowledge on both sides – giving the pros and cons of various motions, outcomes, and hearings. Legal matters are fluid, and based on Paul’s connections with the legal community and prior legal experiences in County, Appellate, and NJ Supreme Courts, he provided the information to get the best possible outcome in many difficult situations. One of Paul’s many attributes is that he listens well. Whether it is from family members who are involved in the case, family friends who are still in law school, or additional hired lawyers (not from his firm) added to the team through his recommendations. Paul makes time to hear their points of view and incorporates them in a unified approach for the defense. The most important concern of any client, new to a serious legal matter, is open communication. Paul provided that whether responding to an email within hours, a call to his office and him taking the call nine out of 10 times, and calling his cell phone and again either taking the call or returning the call promptly. Paul understands the needs of a client to have their concerns, questions, thoughts, whatever, answered timely and with understanding. We recommend Paul Brickfield without any reservations – he is one-of-a-kind!

The best lawyer I could have ever asked for

The best attorney I have ever met in my life. I was facing four felony gun charges and ended up paying a $100 fine with a clean record still. Just yesterday I was saved yet again by Mr. Brickfield I was looking at up to 180 days in jail for violating probation and bail jumping because I missed court. Not only did I not go to jail but I’m not even on probation any more. If you are looking for a miracle this is the man to call. I have put my faith in him many times and I was never let down, and his prices are very reasonable.

Medical License

I used Paul Brickfield on my case regarding my medical license. I had to go before the NJ Board of Medical Examiners which questioned my standards of practice as a physician. He was experienced in the health care field and legal issues regarding my case. He was intelligent yet down to earth and no nonsense when it came to counseling me on the benefits and potential liabilities. You need someone who is honest and truly believes in you. Paul Brickfield stood by me and argued my case. Because of his tireless efforts on my behalf, I retained my license. A man of integrity is hard to find these days. I highly recommend him.

I highly recommend Paul

I hired the services of Paul for a Criminal case matter for two counts “Simple Assault” and “Threatening to Kill”. Paul was super helpful and was always there to help/advice me on a very short notice. At the end, he successfully fought my case and was able to dismissed 1 of the two cases and helped downgrading the other one to misdemeanor. He was also very understanding w.r.t. the payments and was able to give me a good discount. I highly recommend Paul and his staff for the awesome service he provided. Thanks Paul.

Handled a Delicate Situation with True Professionalism

Mr. Brickfield was referred to me by another lawyer, who I know professionally, as the most qualified lawyer to handle an alleged hit-and-run case for a close friend of mine. He very carefully walked my friend and me through the legal process and in the end was able to negotiate an outcome that was, as he had explained in the beginning, most likely the best outcome to be expected. I would not hesitate to put my future in Paul’s hands should I ever be in need of his expertise.

Best Attorney

I hired the services of Paul for a Criminal case matter for two counts “Simple Assault” and “Threatening to Kill”. Paul was super helpful and was always there to help/advice me on a very short notice. At the end, he successfully fought my case and was able to dismissed 1 of the two cases and helped downgrading the other one to misdemeanor. He was also very understanding w.r.t. the payments and was able to give me a good discount. I highly recommend Paul and his staff for the awesome service he provided. Thanks Paul.

Best lawyer you can spend your money on

The law was changed after Paul found a nitch for a dui and saved me over 3000 dollars, 4 months saved of loss of license, classes, and to top it off breathing into my car to start it… Paul is the man.

Paul is one of a kind! The Best!

Paul worked on a very difficult case for one of my family members. He is extremely knowledge about criminal law! He was very thorough with asking us every little detail about what happened and did extensive investigative work that paid off. He turned 3 potential felonies into a Motor Vehicle violation with community service. His persistence and dedication is priceless! My family and I are eternally grateful to him. I give him my highest recommendation.

Sleeping in my own bed

I honestly owe my freedom to this man. His skills are 2nd to none. Paul and his assistant made me feel as though I was their only case and had time for me at any time of day. I have referred him to other people I know and will keep his card on me at all times.

He serves his clients with honesty, integrity and dignity.

Paul Brickfield is a thoroughly detailed and extremely competent attorney who reliably handled my traffic case from the outset to the end with extreme professionalism and candor. I owe a debt of gratitude to him for his service. He successfully navigated me through the rigors of the legal system and with his guidance and fortitude the case was resolved to my satisfaction. There is no doubt that he is held in the highest regard by his peers as well. He serves his clients with honesty, integrity and dignity. I would highly recommended Paul without fail if the need arise.

criminal case client

Mr. Brickfield is an honest, hard working criminal defense attorney who handled a criminal case again me a short while ago.During the time he was handling my case he truthfully informed me as to what I was facing and what all the possible outcomes could be. My family and I are very grateful for his advice, dedication and persistence in proving my innocence to the prosecutor.I would highly recommend him for any criminal case.

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