Weapons Offenses

There are numerous federal and New Jersey state laws that prohibit possession of weapons. The consequences can be quite severe. Under a law in New Jersey called the Graves Act certain unauthorized possession of weapons, including even handguns, can result in a mandatory period of incarceration. Under federal law, weapons offenses are likewise strictly prosecuted and convictions for these offenses can result in incarceration, as well as lifetime disabilities on many levels.

As a result of the United States Supreme Court decision of New York v. Bruen in June 2022, there are significant changes occurring in the law of weapons prosecutions. For example, in New Jersey, the rules relating to possession and carrying of a concealed handgun are under rapid change resulting in potentially fewer prosecutions. These charges are impacting criminal prosecutions on every front. Based on Bruen and other court decisions, there are many issues that can now be litigated on behalf of a client charged with a weapons offense. It is imperative for a person charged with a weapons offense to consult competent counsel to make sure that they are aware of the most recent changes under the law.

Paul Brickfield has represented individuals charged with weapons offenses over the past 30 years and can guide you on the most recent changes in this area.