Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are generally prosecuted by the county prosecutors’ offices in New Jersey. The consequences of a conviction on a sex offense are life changing in many ways. Not only does a conviction for a sex offense contain extreme social stigma, there are often state prison sentences imposed on defendants who are convicted. In addition to the convictions, there are numerous collateral consequences, including Megan’s Law, which requires registration and possible notification of neighbors, churches and schools near your residence. There is also parole supervision for life, which requires that you follow a stringent set of requirements, including not leaving the State of New Jersey and frequently reporting to a parole officer. There are also restrictions relating to the use of computers and Internet. Parole Supervision for Life has a period of at least 15 years before you can apply to be removed from that obligation.

It is essential that you have competent counsel to assist you in the defense of allegations and charges involving sexual assaults. As a former First Assistant Prosecutor, Paul Brickfield investigated and prosecuted sexual assault matters. Over the past 30 years, Mr. Brickfield has defended individuals charged with these offenses and has reached many positive outcomes, including the complete acquittal of a doctor charged with criminal contact of a minor. As a certified criminal trial attorney, Mr. Brickfield has been certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as competent in the area of criminal defense.