Pretrial Intervention and other diversionary programs

The State of New Jersey in both the state Superior Courts and the Municipal Courts has long been at the forefront of providing diversion programs to individuals charged with various state offenses. A diversion program such as Pretrial Intervention offers an individual who has no prior record and who is charged with certain offenses in the Superior Court of New Jersey the opportunity to have that case dismissed and expunged based on a completion of a period of good behavior. A similar program exists for certain offenses in the municipal courts. Literally hundreds of thousands of individuals have benefitted from the opportunity to enter a program, complete its terms and to have their criminal charges dismissed. Mr. Brickfield has represented hundreds of people in his career in applying for and obtaining successful admission into Pretrial Intervention and other similar diversion programs. These programs have very specific qualifications and requirements and you could benefit from the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer in navigating the process to obtain entry into a diversion program.