Drug Crimes

Drugs continue to remain a serious problem in society. Recently, the county prosecutors’ offices and federal prosecutors in New Jersey have been focusing on fentanyl and opiate cases. A person who is charged only with possession of small amounts of drugs may be able to obtain a satisfactory resolution, including potential dismissal of the case through various diversion programs.  Generally, a diversion program, like pretrial intervention, requires a period of good behavior and can result in the complete dismissal of all charges. The prosecutors’ offices recognize the addictive aspect of certain drugs and have embraced counseling and treatment as potential positive resolutions for these possession charges.  For more serious drug charges such as possession of large amounts and/or distribution, each county in New Jersey now has a Recovery Court, formerly known as Drug Court, through which an individual, if accepted, enters a program of anywhere from 18 months to five years with counseling, court appearances and training in lieu of imprisonment. Upon successful completion of a Recovery Court program, it may even be possible under certain circumstances to have your entire criminal record expunged. In this way, you receive treatment, if needed and avoid jail, as well as obtain a fresh start for the future. Paul Brickfield has extensive experience representing individuals charged with drug offenses in the federal and state courts in New Jersey.