Child Pornography

The advent of the Internet has resulted in an enormous increase in the prosecution of individuals for the offenses of possession and distribution of child pornography materials. These prosecutions are conducted by the federal government, the New Jersey state government and local county prosecutors’ offices. The penalties for possession and/or distribution of these materials are high, part of a trend over the last 20 years of increasing law enforcement resources on this issue, as well as public concerns about the possession of these materials. It is essential that you obtain proper counsel to represent you in these matters. There may be technical defenses concerning whether the material is child pornography and how it came to be on particular devices. In addition, for first-time offenders with possession charges only, there may be the ability to obtain a diversion program, such as Pretrial Intervention, to avoid a criminal conviction in the state courts. This is especially important given that certain child pornography possession and distribution charges carry major collateral consequences, such as Megan’s Law registration and onerous community notification, as well as Parole Supervision for Life. Paul Brickfield has extensive experience representing individuals charges with these offenses and has achieved good outcomes in many cases. These are sensitive matters and defense counsel needs to highlight to the prosecutor and court the factors such as no prior offenses and amenability to counseling that may persuade them to afford a resolution that allows the client the opportunity to retain their freedom and liberty.