You may be charged with a criminal assault arising out of a dispute at a bar or a motor vehicle incident or attending a sporting event. There are essentially two types of assaults in New Jersey. Simple assault is prosecuted primarily in the municipal courts and is a disorderly persons offense (otherwise known as a misdemeanor in other states.) Typical simple assaults involve bar fights and other encounters where no weapons are used and no party suffers any significant injury. There are many possible resolutions for simple assault in municipal court, including diversion programs where, if you complete a period of time offense free, your charge may be completely dismissed. In addition, just because you were in a fight does not mean that you committed simple assault. In the event that another individual started the fight and you were engaged solely in self-defense that might be a complete defense to the charge.

More serious assaults, called aggravated assaults, are indictable offenses and are prosecuted in the Superior Court. These involve alleged use of weapons and/or serious injuries.

Paul Brickfield has extensive experience in handling all types of assaults cases and has achieved many good resolutions.