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We are criminal defense lawyers.  We are advocates for the preservation of our clients’ rights and freedom.  We endeavor to provide the highest standard of legal care defined by courteous, tailored, and highly responsive service.

In every case, we endeavor to put our client in the best possible position. Our first goal is to obtain a case dismissal or non-prosecution or acquittal when possible. If this cannot be achieved, we seek to minimize any criminal or collateral consequences. If a plea agreement is considered, we evaluate the impact of a plea agreement on our clients, including alternative sentencing options and measures that can minimize the impact on our client’s freedom and future.

We are backed by extensive knowledge of New Jersey courts and procedures. Having served as a former Federal and First Assistant County Prosecutor Attorney Paul B. Brickfield knows:

  • The inner workings of prosecutors’ offices
  • How they perceive particular offenses
  • How prosecutors assemble cases
  • The mitigating and aggravating factors that are important to prosecutors

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