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Criminal Law

If you have received a summons from the police or been arrested, then you need legal help and advice from the Law Office of Paul Brickfield. Get in contact with us so you can have experienced representation.


New Jersey's penalties for driving while intoxicated (DWI) are among the toughest in the Nation.  Make sure your rights are protected by calling the Law Office of Paul Brickfield if you or a loved one has been stopped for DWI.

Federal Crimes

If you have been charged with a federal crime, it is important to understand that many criminal defense lawyers do not have significant experience in federal cases. Paul Brickfield is a former federal prosecutor and experienced in federal criminal cases.


Are you in need of professional legal help ?

Don't hesitate to contact Paul Brickfield. We have helped many people in the same situations as you're probably in. We  respond quickly and hope to hear from you soon.


Mr. Brickfield is the BEST coach for the legal marathon.

We hired Paul Brickfield several years ago and he said, “be prepared for a marathon”…and he was right…and he was a great coach. When we first met, he did not know anything about my family, colleagues, friends, neighbors, or supporters; however, he took the time to find out everything about us to better prepare the defense. It takes a special individual to stay the course, offer knowledge on both sides – giving the pros and cons of various motions, outcomes, and hearings. Legal matters are fluid, and based on Paul’s connections with the legal community and prior legal experiences in County, Appellate, and NJ Supreme Courts, he provided the information to get the best possible outcome in many difficult situations. One of Paul’s many attributes is that he listens well. Whether it is from family members who are involved in the case, family friends who are still in law school, or additional hired lawyers (not from his firm) added to the team through his recommendations. Paul makes time to hear their points of view and incorporates them in a unified approach for the defense. The most important concern of any client, new to a serious legal matter, is open communication. Paul provided that whether responding to an email within hours, a call to his office and him taking the call nine out of 10 times, and calling his cell phone and again either taking the call or returning the call promptly. Paul understands the needs of a client to have their concerns, questions, thoughts, whatever, answered timely and with understanding. We recommend Paul Brickfield without any reservations – he is one-of-a-kind!

Handled a Delicate Situation with True Professionalism

Mr. Brickfield was referred to me by another lawyer, who I know professionally, as the most qualified lawyer to handle an alleged hit-and-run case for a close friend of mine. He very carefully walked my friend and me through the legal process and in the end was able to negotiate an outcome that was, as he had explained in the beginning, most likely the best outcome to be expected. I would not hesitate to put my future in Paul’s hands should I ever be in need of his expertise.

Sleeping in my own bed

I honestly owe my freedom to this man. His skills are 2nd to none. Paul and his assistant made me feel as though I was their only case and had time for me at any time of day. I have referred him to other people I know and will keep his card on me at all times.

Great Criminal Defense Lawyer!

Paul is a great lawyer because he is smart, savvy and hard working. He has a deep network with other lawyers, prosecutors and judges. This is helpful since he knew the various players that we had to deal with. Paul was extremely well prepared for all meetings, whether it is negotiations or court appearances. Most importantly, he makes sure that you are well prepared. I think it’s easy for Paul to always be prepared because he has such a depth and breadth of experience. In court appearances, Paul paid special attention to details and nuances and reacted appropriately. This comes from his years of experience and wisdom. You can’t get this from a textbook! Overall, Paul has great communication skills and helped set expectations. He made a great effort to keep my family apprised on status of cases and next steps.

Paul is one of a kind! The Best!

Paul worked on a very difficult case for one of my family members. He is extremely knowledge about criminal law! He was very thorough with asking us every little detail about what happened and did extensive investigative work that paid off. He turned 3 potential felonies into a Motor Vehicle violation with community service. His persistence and dedication is priceless! My family and I are eternally grateful to him. I give him my highest recommendation.

Top Criminal Defense

He was hired to defend us in a federal criminal case. It was a difficult case regarding controlled substances. Mr. Brickfield thoroughly researched the merits of our case, he rebutted the prosecutor’s arguments and challenged all questionable facts. He was very knowledgeable, credible, and honest about every aspect of our case and we feel the positive outcome had to do with his professionalism and knowledge of the law. We were very pleased with the service we received and highly recommend him.


We always strive to put our clients in the best position possible, so our immediate goal is to obtain a case dismissal or acquittal. If this cannot be done, we seek to minimize the consequences, perhaps by pursuing a plea agreement, which could include alternate sentencing that can minimize the impact on our client’s freedom and liberty.

Why Us?

Paul Brickfield is a former federal prosecutor in New Jersey as well as a former First Assistant Bergen County Prosecutor. For the past 30 years, he has been a criminal defense lawyer practicing in the federal, state and municipal courts of New Jersey. This combination of prosecutor and criminal defense experience makes us a good choice to represent you.

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